People meeting in Uganda

ISWS Social Workers Conduct a Community Needs Assessment for Type 1 Diabetes Patients in Kasese, Uganda, Marjorie’s Fund
October 2017

ISWS Social Worker, Marguerite (Maggie) Fenwood, MSW teamed up with Marjorie’s Fund, (www. a non-governmental agency ((NGO) that serves individuals with Type 1 diabetes in Kasese, Uganda. Her purpose was to conduct an assessment of the needs of the patients supported by Marjorie’s Fund, who expressed the wish to better understand the psychosocial aspects of their patient population. Ms. Fenwood spent weeks in-country collecting information by questionnaires, home-based interviews, and focus groups and along with 51 completed questionnaires from local health care providers, focused her attention on concerns about living with Type 1 diabetes in the area of the world with severe food insecurity and anxiety about the continued access to the life-saving medication of insulin. The data was analyzed and summarized into a comprehensive report that was provided to Marjorie’s Fund directors, including recommendations for supportive services they may want to offer their patients going forward.
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