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Remote Trauma Training: Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo
December 2020

Centre d’Encadrement et d’Appui en Faveur des Personnes Demunies (CEAFPD)

Remote training on several aspects of trauma took place via Zoom in December 2020.  The ISWS Social Work Team; Cathleen Morey, Ph.D., LICSW, Anastasia Helberg, Social Work Student, Baylor College, School of Social Work, and Cheryl Fromularo, Social Work student, Smith College, School of Social Work developed and provided the training for 8 staff members of CEAFPD, an NGO in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uvira is a community that has felt its share of trauma, experiencing gender-based violence, kidnapping of children for use as child soldiers, natural disasters such as the catastrophic flooding of April 2020 and constant armed conflict. There are limited resources for individuals seeking relief from PTSD or other psychological effects of trauma. The ISWS training on trauma was greatly needed and appreciated.