Guatemala City

ISWS Funds Innovative COVID Care Calls Project Gains Traction in Guatemala and Haiti
June 2020

International Social Work Solutions, Inc. (ISWS) partnered with Hunger Relief International, a Judeo-Christian organization that works to improve and protect the lives of desperately poor children and families, to launch a new project in Guatemala and Haiti: The HRI/ISWS Covid Care Calls Project (CCC).
The premise of this project consisted of in-country staff reaching out to hundreds of people per month by phone to provide assistance, information, and appropriate health and mental health referrals to high-risk and extremely vulnerable communities susceptible to Covid-19 exposure and infection in both countries. For the initial pilot program, ISWS volunteers, Dana Alonzo, Ph.D. and Marciana Popescu, Ph.D. worked tirelessly with HRI staff to design this innovative and unique program that responded to this critical need during the COVID-19 pandemic.